Safety rules

Nurburgring is one of the most demanding race tracks in the world. This means that crashes happens quite often here. This is due to a failure to respect the rules. Here you can find the list of rules that you can follow in order to decrease the chances to get into the accident on the Nurburgring:

  • always fasten the seatbelts
  • Yellow flag or light means that you need decrease the speed till 50 km/h and be careful with the traffic as there might be an accident in front.
  • Oil spills signs requires you to slow down till 50 km/h or even bellow.
  • Overtakes only on left side
  • When being overtaken by a faster car, if possible keep right.
  • Don’t stop on the track unless you car got damaged or advised by the Marshals.
  • When crashed the car immediately go over the fence when safe and no dangerous traffic behind.
  • When having an incident or crash please call 08000302112 and your rental company/instructor.
  • Drive at the speed which is safe, don’t get too much excited. Better to be slower than crash the car.

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