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Everyone who comes to the Nürburgring would like to get unforgettable emotions, try himself as a sports car driver and experience the most legendary track in the world. However, Nürburgring is the most demanding track of all. This is due to significant elevation (300m), bumps, inconsistent pavement, track length and other fans, who drive at the same time with you. There are many turns that looks simple, while being very risky. Very often, people who drive the Nurburgring for the first time either go very slowly, being overtaken by other cars, or too quickly. At the same time, the lack of racing skills increases the chances of getting into an unpleasant situation. Quite a lot of tourists crash cars when driving the Nürburgring Nordschleife for the first time.

That is why we offer basic instructions during the rental of BMW M3. Our instructor will be next to you on the passenger seat and it will be absolutely free for you. This will allow you to drive much faster than you would drive yourself, and the risk will be much lower. You will get tons of fun and valuable experience that you can use on any other track and or public road.

Basic coaching

  • Basics of car racing (acceleration, lines, braking)
  • Feedback sessions to eliminate mistakes.
  • Safety
  • Information about the signs on the track
  • Actions in case of an accident

Video and photo is provided on request

All mentioned above is for free!

Coaching for experienced drivers

If you are an experienced driver, we can offer you the individual lessons. You will be able to raise the level of your racing skill, prepare for competition and learn the Nurburgring.

The program of individual lessons includes:

  • Learning and mastering all the turns of the Nurburgring
  • Improving racing skills (acceleration, braking, lines)
  • Safety rules, actions in case of an accident
  • Practice, feedback sessions based on the videos

Coaching for experienced drivers

40 €/1 lap

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